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Open: 06:45~09:30, every day
Place: Restaurant “Shokujidokoro Soga”, 2F of Hotel
Price: 972 yen per person

"Our restaurant tries to use organic vegetable grown in Sodegaura area of Chiba Prefecture mainly for the following two reasons. We aim to achieve; 1)our guest can eat food at the restaurant with a sense of safety and 2)letting our guest savor daintiness of seasonal vegetable grown in local farming area of Chiba Prefecture. Though we can’t offer the same organic vegetable throughout a year because those vegetable is seasonal, we strive to place as much organic vegetable as possible".

(Head Chef of Restaurant Shokujidokoro Soga)


Kosuge's organic vegetables

Kosuge Kaoru's (left) and his son Hiroyuki (right)Kosuge Kaoru's (left) and his son Hiroyuki (right)
Currently, our table regardless of the season, lined a variety of vegetables. This is a pesticide, it will become possible to benefit from the supply of vegetables in season are not bound by the revolution and the global level and distribution of mass production was possible that the use of chemical fertilizers. On the other hand, loss of seasonal vegetables in season to enjoy fun, food insecurity is seen by producers and (effects of environmental hormones and chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers) are also disadvantages and problems. Hoterusogaintanashonaru at the dinner table and make it seasonal vegetables served in season to secure customers, under the guidance of head chef of the hotel, they have gotten Mr. Kosuge cooperation partners have been growing organic vegetables near Masu. Used for growing organic vegetables cheaper fertilizers or pesticides such as herbicides and pesticides, it takes a lot of time and effort, beginning with the weeding, and pest control. In many cases, large and small become irregular in shape and form, it will provide a form of vegetable planting season is limited to the period of let it grow naturally. But I think the most healthy to eat it rather safe and seasonal vegetables of the season?

Kosuge Kaoru's introduction

Mr. Kosuge is a disciple of one of Mr. Huwa Akira watercolor artist has decorated the hotel, now living in Sodegaura City, inherited the ancestral 30a (1,000 tsubo) safe and delicious organic vegetables in the field of are.

osuge Kaoru's talk

"We are committed to producing local goods, I try to connect to revitalize the area. Insecticide is mainly wood vinegar as much as possible without using chemicals, liquor, and vinegar mixture (liquid Sutochuu) by spray We are growing. herbicide for use at all, Rino Kusakari summer from 4:00 to 6:00 in the morning, we went from 4:00 to 7:00 in the evening. In addition, the field also comes with rice straw and chaff hope you can take advantage of. "

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Potatoes         5 - 6            
Onion         5 - 6            
Pumpkin               8 - 10    
Sweet potato                 9 - 11  
Komatsusai 11 - 2                 11 - 2
Shungiku 11 -2                 11 - 2
Radish                     11 - 1
Peanut                   10 - 11  
Okra               8 - 10    
Tomato             7 - 10    
Cucumber             1 - 10    
Kidney             7 - 10    
Mizuna 11 - 2                 11 - 2
Ginger root                 9 - 11  
Snow peas     3 - 5              
Beans         5 - 6            
Plum         5 - 6            
Amanatsu       4 - 5              
Hayatouri                   10 - 11  
Kujo Negi                 10 - 11    
Carrot                     11 - 12
Color Pepper             8 - 10      
Eggplant               8 - 10    
Spinach                     11 - 12
Wipe     3 - 5