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  • What time can I check in?
  • Check-in time is at 3:00 pm and check-out time is 10:00 am.
  • My estimated arrival will be around midnight, but can I check in around that time?
  • Yes. Front desk is open 24 hours a day. You can check in and check out any time.
  • Can I wait for cancellation?
  • Yes. Please communicate the said effect to the front desk. When your room is ready, we’ll notify you.
  • My friend is coming to visit me, so can I let him/her into my room for conversation?
  • Sorry, but the hotel does not allow entry to the room by people other than our guest. Please use the 1st floor lobby for such a purpose.


  • When should I make payment for my accommodation?
  • Please make your payment when you checked in.
  • Can I use foreign currency other than Japanese Yen?
  • We only accept Japanese Yen for cash payment.
  • Can I use my credit card?
  • Yes. If your card is one of major cards, you can do so.
    Cards that can be acceptable are VISA, JCB, AMEX, Diners, UC, DC, Saison and Debit.
  • How is cancellation charge?
  • According to "Terms & Condition For Accommodation Contract", for cancellations on the day before arrival, the hotel will charge 20% of the basic accommodation charge, for those on the day of arrival, the hotel will charge 80% of the accommodation charge, and for the event that you do not contact us, the hotel will charge 100% of the accommodation charge as cancellation fees.
    If you made reservation through the group or travel agency, please verify pertinent cancellation charge with the said agency.


  • Can I entrust my luggage to your hotel before check-in or after check-out?
  • You can entrust your luggage to the front desk. Also, you can send your luggage in advance via the door-to-door delivery service. In such case, do not forget to leave the note describing the date of your stay and your name (name of guest).


  • What is the accommodation charge for a child?
  • For a child under the elementary school age, on the premise that the guardian sleeps with single child in the same bed, the said child will be free of charge (however, pertinent case in the spare bed is excluded). A child above the elementary school age will be charged with the adult price
  • When the accommodation is the one with breakfast, how is breakfast for a child whom the adult accompanies in the above described case?
  • We will compliment his/her breakfast.


  • Can I select smoking or non-smoking room?
  • Please specify it at the time of reservation. We will do our best to accommodate your desire.
  • Can I specify desired room number or can you tell me the room number in advance?
  • Though you can make a request for specified room number, please make a note that there are many instances where we have to switch the said room depending on circumstance of the said date. For notifying your room number in advance, we do not do so before your arrival.
  • Can I use internet at the room?
  • Yes. Wireless LAN is available in all rooms. Depending on the radio wave conditions, you may not be able to reach your desired speed. Please ask the front desk for a password.


  • Do you have the parking lot?
  • Yes. We have machine run multistory parking tower that can accommodate up to 30 cars.
    However, due to size of the parking tower, size limit of the car is 155 cm in height, 180 cm in width and 500 cm in length. The vehicle with low vehicle height or the one with the ski carrier on the rooftop cannot be accommodated for parking. We also have flat surface parking space for few cars.
  • Can I make parking reservation?
  • Sorry, but we cannot take reservation in ahead. Use of the parking space is the first come first serve basis. If we are out of parking space, you will have to use the pay-parking nearby.
  • How much is the parking charge in your hotel?
  • 540 yen per night.
    It will be 700 yen after October 2019.


  • Can I take breakfast on the day?
  • Yes. You can eat it. Please purchase food vouchers at the front desk. It is 900 yen per person (excluding tax).
  • Do you have any convenient store or bar nearby?
  • Yes, we do have several. We have information map at the front desk.
  • Do you have the coin laundry?
  • Yes, the coin laundry is at the third floor and you can use it between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm. We sell detergent at the front desk.
  • How long does it take from your hotel to Tokyo Disney Resort?
  • By train (JR Keiyo Line Express), it takes about 30 minutes from JR Keiyo Station, nearby station. By car, it takes about 40 minutes from "Mtsugaoka", nearest interchange of Keiyo Expressway, via Metropolitan Expressway Wangan Line (without traffic congestion).
  • Are there any ATM (Automated Teller Mmachine) nearby your hotel?
  • There are three ATM from three different banks:
    * Chiba Bank-Soga Branch:08:00-23:00(weekdays), 08:00-21:00(Sat & Holiday),08:00-19:00(Sunday)[1min walk]
    * Keiyo Bank-Soga Branch:08:00-21:00(weekdays, Sat, Sun & Holidays)[2min walk]
    * Seven Bank Chiba Soga Ekimae Sub-Branch:24 hours a day[2min walk]
  • When you get sick or injury unexpectedly...
  • We can refer you to the medical clinics including emergency during holiday and night.
    We recommend you to carry Japanese Health Insurance Certificate.