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Fuwa Akira an Exhibition

Fuwa Akira an Exhibition

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Akira FUWA, being called a leading figure in the Japanese Watercolor Painting, is a father of Hajime FUWA, an owner of this Hotel.
The Hotel exhibits 135 pieces of his works throughout all the guest rooms, lobby and restaurant for our guests to enjoy them.
In Fall, we have “Akira FUWA Watercolor Painting Exhibition” in the second floor restaurant.
We present the Hotel Soga Original Post Card of Akira Fuwa Watercolor Painting to our guests.
The Post Card may help you recall various memories such as old familiar scenery in childhood, scenery you seen in old movies or pictures, etc..


1901, Dec
Born in Kanda-Misaki-cho, Tokyo.
1919, 18year
Graduated from the Okura School of Commerce (present Tokyo Keizai University) in Akasaka-Aoi-cho.
While in the school, acquainted with Horai YAMAGUCHI & Koshi GOTO,
senior classmates, and started pursuing painting,receiving extensive guidance from Mr. GOTO.
Moved to Kobe where employed by the Sawayama Steamship Co.
In Kobe, learned watercolor painting from Mr. Max OGO, an American national.
1924, 23year
Became a member of the Japan Watercolor Painting Association (JWPA).
1925, 24year
Around this time, became a pupil of Mr. Hakutei ISHII, a leader of the JWPA.
1953, 52year
Won Special Commendation for his "Two Daughters" in the 9th Nitten Exhibition.
1956, 55year
Won the Okada Prize for his "Three Sisters" in the 12th Nitten Exhibition.
1966, 65year
Elected as the Official Judge of the Nitten Exhibition.
1974, 73year
Assumed Chairperson of the JWPA.
1977, 76year
Received Medal for Order of the Sacred Treasure.
1979, 77year
Passed away on February 6.


  • The 9th Nitten Exhibition
    Special Commendation
    Two Daughters
  • The 12th Nitten Exhibition
    The Okada Prize
    Three Sisters