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Our Policy for Protection of Personal Information (as of 31 March, 2006)

The Hotel Soga International (hereafter will be referred to as “HOTEL”) and the web site run by us (hereafter will be referred to as “THIS SITE”) recognize importance of protecting personal information. We observe all the applicable laws and ordinances in its regard and pay our best attention to proper handling of the personal information of our guests. The HOTEL prescribes “its own” privacy policy in order for our guests to feel safe and to stay in our hotel safely, and accordingly abides by it and handles the information in stringent manner. Based on the Article 16 of the Hotel Business Law, being effective in 1948, as we offer our support and information regarding the service to our guests, we need to collect personal information from our guests; thus we appreciate our guests’ understanding of this matter. We will make our best efforts to manage the private information we came to learn so that it will not be leaked to any other parties (excluding judicial authorities and our commissioned business vendors).

Request Regarding Receipt of Personal Information
(Regarding Reservation Through Telephone, E-Mail, etc. & Guest’s Registration at Check-In, etc.)

As we receive information from our clients and guests who make reservation, we do not collect personal information without their prior approval. When making reservation via telephone and e-mail, we will ask the name, venue of employment, venue of contact (telephone, fax, e-mail address, etc., if by e-mail, the residential address is required). If the client making reservation differs from the actual guest, we may ask personal information of the client making reservation as well. Furthermore, with aim of improving our service to the clients etc., we may ask other information than listed above; however, in such a case, we will disclose our aim specifically. At time of the check-in, as prescribed by Hotel Business Law, we ask the residential address aside from information provided at the time of reservation. When making a reservation through internet agents, the cases are dependent on the personal information protection policy prescribed by each agent; however, because after the reservation or check-in is completed, the liability occurs to the HOTEL as well, the case also comes under the policy of the HOTEL.

Offering Information to the Third Party

The HOTEL will not disclose the personal information of the clients to third parties except carrying out “Reservation for Accommodation” business that includes our commissioned business vendors etc. We will not disclose the personal information provided by the clients to any third party except the case applies to one of conditions listed below.

  1. When the client agrees
  2. According to the Laws and Ordinances etc., when concerned authorities ask for its disclosure
  3. In the previous clause 2, when disclosure is done in the condition which the client himself/herself cannot be identified

The disclosure to the commissioned business vendors falls is to when we notify the name and address of the client to the business vendor which we entrusted delivery service, such as the left-out goods and dispatching goods of the client.

Regarding Safe Management of Personal Information

Regarding the management of the personal information of the clients, the HOTEL appoints a chief administrator to carries out appropriate management. The HOTEL also will make the best effort to prevent leakage of the personal information.

Protection of Personal Information Under Linked URL

The HOTEL will not be liable for the securement of the personal information under the third party web sites in our linked URL. In regard to the protection, management of the personal information to each linked URL, please verify the privacy policy, etc. at the said URL in the client’s own responsibility.

The above listed privacy policy is subject for change and any change will be promptly posted on this web site.